Mission obJectives:

Complete all for a chance to win!

  1. Meet at Lithia Park and and Scan the Fountain QR code for Your First Clue.
  2. Arrive at Dollar General and complete organization challenge.
  3. Arrive at 3rd location Purchase a Petrol Fiends Coffee and receive your next location clue.
  4. Arrive at Doherty Slide Location and complete photo challenge.
  5. Arrive Border for Photo Challenge.
  6. Arrive and FB Check in at Model T’s Casino for Destination Treasure Hunt 5 Medallion QR codes

Prizes and Rewards:

  1. Free Attraction Tickets
  2. $200 Chevron Gas Card
  3. M Life Hat and Hoodie
  4. Free Nights Stay at Grand Sierra Reno
  5. 50% off at Star Broiler steakhouse
  6. 50 entries Into Wheel and Tire Set Raffle ( Auto/Moto)
  7. 150 entries Into BMW Experience Las Vegas Raffle ( Auto/Moto)
  8. Free Dinner For up to 4 Guest Sid’s Restaurant
  9. Race The Moon Challenge Bonus!!!!*

*see objectives for rules