What are the 10 Best States to own a Bmw in United States?

The “best” states to own a BMW can vary depending on individual preferences and factors such as availability of dealerships, road conditions, climate, and overall car culture. However, here are ten states that are often considered favorable for owning a BMW in the United States:

  1. California: California has a large number of BMW dealerships, a strong car culture, and a diverse range of scenic roads and climates.
  2. New York: New York has a thriving luxury car market, particularly in cities like New York City and Long Island.
  3. Florida: Florida offers a pleasant climate, open roads, and a strong market for luxury vehicles.
  4. Texas: Texas has a large number of BMW dealerships and a vibrant car culture, particularly in cities like Houston, Dallas, and Austin.
  5. Illinois: Illinois, specifically the Chicago metropolitan area, offers a wide selection of BMW dealerships and a diverse range of driving experiences.
  6. New Jersey: New Jersey is home to numerous luxury car enthusiasts and has a strong dealership network.
  7. Massachusetts: Massachusetts, particularly the Greater Boston area, has a high concentration of luxury car owners and provides a mix of city driving and scenic routes.
  8. Colorado: Colorado offers beautiful mountain roads and a significant BMW presence, particularly in cities like Denver.
  9. Washington: Washington state has a strong luxury car market and scenic driving routes, especially in the Seattle area.
  10. Virginia: Virginia boasts a combination of scenic roads, a strong luxury car market, and proximity to the nation’s capital.

Remember that these rankings are subjective and other states may also provide excellent environments for owning a BMW. It’s always important to consider your specific needs and preferences when choosing a state to own a luxury vehicle.

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